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  1. Katie Brennan
  2. Allison Clouthier
  3. Luke Crispo
  4. Curtis Daviduke
  6. Cameron Giglio
  7. Barry Harding
  8. Hesham Kamal
  9. David Kay
  10. Rowan Lomas
  11. Candace Marshall
  12. Rachael Morkem
  13. Alex Tait
  14. Emma Webb
  15. Henk Williams


Wednesday September 5th, 20185:30PMWhite vs. GreyField #23 (Canton's Fields 23)White won 15 to 10
Wednesday September 12th, 20185:30PMWhite vs. GreenField #22 (Canton's Fields 22)White won 15 to 7
Wednesday September 19th, 20188:00PMWhite vs. YellowField #19 (Tindall 2)White won 14 to 12
Wednesday September 26th, 20188:00PMRed vs. WhiteField #18 (Tindall 1)Red won 13 to 9
Wednesday October 3rd, 20188:00PMBlue vs. WhiteField #19 (Tindall 2)White won 11 to 7
Wednesday October 10th, 20188:00PMWhite vs. BlackField #19 (Tindall 2)White won 14 to 6
Wednesday October 17th, 20188:00PMWhite vs. OrangeField #52 (CaraCo West)

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