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Disc Golf Tournament

Oct. 31, 2020

Posted by Joel on October 19, 2020

Hey folks. Interested in some flying plastic fun? Join the first annual "Definitely Not Goosebowl: A Disc Golf Tournament".

This tournament will take place Saturday October 31st, with an optional "bragging rights" championship round taking place on Sunday November 1st. The course will be Stone's Throw Disc Golf course which is located at 5464 County Road 6, Enterprise ON (roughly 45 minutes from Kingston).

Registration will be limited to 48 people, so register early. In fact, registration will close October 27th at 11:50 pm, so find your foursome, find your scramble team now if you want that, and register before it is too late!

You can choose to sign up in the competitive division (stroke play), or in the recreational division (scramble play). Scramble play (or best ball) will be in twosomes and will follow traditional scramble play rules that golf uses. Tee times will be every 15 minutes and each tee time will have 4 people to a group. As such, you can sign up as a foursome, a pair, or as an individual. You are free to play with a regular frisbee or use disc golf discs. This is a proper course with baskets and tee boxes (reds, whites, and blues... although the tournament will play from the beginner red tees).

While not being associated in any way with Goosebowl, this tournament is over halloween, so dressing up is... well... mandatory! There will be prizes for the best dressed, the champion who has the lowest score on Saturday, and the best scramble score.

The cost of the event is $30. This includes a round of disc golf on the Saturday, as well as an optional round again on the Sunday. This also includes a BBQ after your round on Saturday. Not included in this price is your disc (proper disc golf or regular ultimate frisbee disc), or any alcohol (BYOB). There will be a disc order so if you’re interested in using actual disc golf discs please contact Pete Galbraith to place an order. If you are brand new to disc golf, we recommend that you only need to buy a putter and perhaps a "mid range" disc. These basic discs are $10.99 each plus tax. The order will be submitted Friday October 23rd.

Important to note:

By October 29th we will email all participants with their tee times and additional information relevant to the event.

To register please log into your league account at

For further information please email

Co-ed League Modifications

Posted by Joel on July 31, 2020

These modifications are designed to help reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus. We realize that this will alter the structure of the game and ask for your co-operation in implementing them. KU feels that this strikes a good balance between Return to Play and the safety of all players.

-Teams will consist of 12 players (6 men, 6 women). No exceptions allowed to the number of players and gender split. If a team can’t fulfill this KU reserves the right to manage their roster or void their registration.

-Games will all be 6 v 6 with a 3:3 gender split.

-No subs allowed. If a team is short on players then they can play shorthanded or default the game.

-Marking distance (ie. the person counting stalls) is increased to 2 meters.

-Stall counts are still out loud, but should be done at a quiet volume. They only need to be loud enough for the player with the disc to hear and you should refrain from counting them loudly.

-Any contact, even incidental, is a foul. The foul is always assumed to have been committed by the defensive player with the following exception:
i) The defensive player is standing still and the offensive player runs into them

-In lieu of a defensive player tapping in the disc to resume play, check if your opponent is ready to play then tap the ground to mark the resumption of play.

-Where possible we encourage players to mark the same opposing player.

-Game disc will be provided to team captains and will be sanitized before the game, at half time and after the game. Only official games disc may be used for the game.

Rain Policy

Posted by Joel on May 17, 2011

When the weather is questionable please check the web site. I will post the official word by 4pm Wednesday to the web site, facebook and Twitter. If you don't see a post by 4pm, then games are on as scheduled.

Please use common sense. If games are on and we get hit with a sudden storm, stop the game. Our permit can be revoked if we use the fields and damage them.

Ulti Discs

Posted by Joel on May 28, 2013

If you are looking for proper 175 gram ultimate discs you can purchase them through Kingston Ultimate. They are $15/disc. Use the contact link to request one.

cheers, Joel

Ultimate Tournaments

Posted by Joel on April 15, 2012

If you are interested in ultimate tournaments, check out
Ultimate Canada Tournament Listing


Posted by Noah on January 7, 2010

We're going to start using Twitter and Facebook for updates re: registration, rain-outs, etc. Everything will be syndicated to the web site and via RSS, so if that's how you currently keep track of what's going to, nothing has to change. If you'd like to follow Kingston Ultimate on Twitter, though, you can find us here:

If you'd like to become a fan of our Facebook page, it's here:

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