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Rain Policy

The rain policy for Kingston Ultimate is as follows:

If there is heavy rain we can not use the fields and games will be canceled, but games will still go on in light rain conditions. When games need to be canceled, an email regarding the cancellation will be sent to the mailing list, and the cancellation will be posted to the web site by 4pm on the day of the games. Given that emails sometimes get bogged down, your best bet is to check the web site to make sure you get the proper information. If there is no posting to the web site, then games are on as scheduled.

The only exception to the above is if the weather is looking good and games are set to happen, but after 4pm a sudden heavy storm rolls in. If this happens, players are asked to use common sense and not use the fields. The weather situation is monitored closely before the decision to cancel or go ahead is made, so teams will rarely be required to make the decision on their own.

There are two main reasons the notice doesn't go out until 4pm: The first is that the groups leasing the field don't make their official decision and inform Kingston Ultimate until shortly before 4pm. The second is that often there will be a change to the weather during the course of the day. and waiting closer to game time allows for a better decision to be made.

The BBQ at the Mansion happens each Wednesday from 7 to 10pm regardless of whether games are played or canceled.


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