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  1. Mike Drake
  2. Kevin Feeley
  3. Savvas Frantzeskos
  4. Alex Fritz
  5. Cameron Giglio
  6. tommy lee
  7. Jean-Paul Martin
  8. Andrew McDonald
  9. Charlotte Mouncey
  10. Peter Mouncey
  11. Mackenzie Schroeder
  12. Rachel Siemens
  13. Tess Wittmann
  14. Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Yeung
  15. Debrah Zemanek
  16. Asia Zolnierczyk


Wednesday April 4th, 20187:30PMYellow vs. BlackField #28 (Nixon South)Game Cancelled
Wednesday April 11th, 20187:30PMGrey vs. BlackField #27 (Nixon North)Grey won 13 to 8
Wednesday April 18th, 20187:00PMBlack vs. RedField #27 (Nixon North)Game Cancelled
Wednesday April 25th, 20188:30PMBlack vs. BlueField #28 (Nixon South)Blue won 10 to 7
Wednesday May 2nd, 20188:30PMBlack vs. OrangeField #28 (Nixon South)Orange won 15 to 8
Wednesday May 9th, 20188:30PMWhite vs. BlackField #28 (Nixon South)White won 15 to 4
Wednesday May 16th, 20185:30PMBlack vs. GreenField #27 (Nixon North)Black won 14 to 13

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