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  1. Emily Adams
  2. Katie Fizzell
  3. Clive Hansen
  4. Hesham Kamal
  5. Justin Kerr
  6. Andrew Kole
  7. Decebal Michaud
  8. Michael Niven
  9. Meghan O’Leary
  10. Julie Obstfeld
  11. Tyler Powell
  12. Travis Stone
  13. Jen Tam
  15. Miles Wilson


Wednesday April 4th, 20187:30PMYellow vs. BlackField #28 (Nixon South)Game Cancelled
Wednesday April 11th, 20187:30PMRed vs. YellowField #28 (Nixon South)Red won 13 to 12
Wednesday April 18th, 20188:30PMYellow vs. WhiteField #28 (Nixon South)Game Cancelled
Wednesday April 25th, 20187:00PMOrange vs. YellowField #27 (Nixon North)Orange won 12 to 11
Wednesday May 2nd, 20188:30PMYellow vs. GreyField #27 (Nixon North)Grey won 13 to 12
Wednesday May 9th, 20187:00PMGreen vs. YellowField #27 (Nixon North)Yellow won 13 to 8
Wednesday May 16th, 20185:30PMBlue vs. YellowField #31 (West Campus North Turf West)Yellow won 13 to 11

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