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Field Update

Posted by Joel on June 24, 2008

my apologies for being a little tardy on getting field information out for this week - if your field number is listed as "0", you will be playing at QECVI - the time slot will be the same as posted on the web site

however, we no longer have the use of the football field as they are closing it for the season to do some repairs (the good news being that next year we should have access to a well maintained field)

the area that we will be using is by the baseball diamond and soccer fields - there will be a new image on the "fields" page of the website that clearly shows where these fields need to be set up - hopefully this information along with the proper schedule will be up by the end of today

cheers, Joel.

Update: fields 14 and 15 now appear in the schedule, and they've been added to the fields page along with field setup guides.

Expiry Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Posted by Joel on June 18, 2008

since it's stopped raining for a few hours, the game will be on as scheduled tonight

Expiry Date: Thursday, June 19, 2008


Gender Blender

Posted by Joel on March 27, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Gender Blender is heading into it's twelveth glorious year of top notch ultimate, amazing outdoor fun, crazy activity, awesome food and of course... blenderific partying amongst the genders.

If you're never been to Gender Blender, simply ask around. You'll be told stories of a weekend so fantastic, it is almost mythical. Crazy all-night parties where people hand you drinks just because you ask! Grass greener than any seen on a city field. Discs that fly the length of the field to the receivers hands, practically on their own! Cowboys and nurses, Tim Hortons and lingerie, Drinko and Mini-golf! All-star games and Talent shows, and singing to Jon Bon Jovi at the top of your lungs. Wandering back to your tent at 4am in the morning only to get up to the smell of bacon from Larry's trailer park. Camping and swimming, awesome food, runaway gnomes, tough D and layouts, more teams than at any tourney outside of Nationals!

And it's all true.

So come one, come all... get a team together, submit an amazing bid to get in and head to the promised land in Fergus Ontario this June.

Gender Blender XII Website for details

We look forward to seeing you there!
Blue (

Expiry Date: Saturday, June 7, 2008

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