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If you already registered but were not able to pay using PayPal, please see the pending players page.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about registration, please contact us.

See details about the two programs.
*Player's First Name: The player's first name.
*Player's Last Name: The player's last name.
*Player's Email: The player's email address. Of course, we are not going to share the email address with anyone.
*Re-type Player's Email: Please re-type the email address to confirm that it doesn't contain any typos.
*Guardian's First Name: If the player is under the age of 18, we require a guardian to be associated with the registration. Please provide the guardian's first name.
*Guardian's Last Name: The guardian's last name.
*Guardian's Email: The guardian's email address.
*Re-type Guardian's Email: Please re-type the guardian's email address to confirm that it doesn't contain any typos.
*Address: Your address.
*City: Your city.
*Postal Code: Your postal code.
*Player's Age: The player's age.
*Gender: The player's gender.
*Skill Level: The player's approximate skill level (1 is beginner, 10 is expert).
*Shirt Size: The size of t-shirt the player wants.
Authorized adults: Please list the names of anyone who will be dropping off or picking up the child other than the guardian above.

Please download the waiver, fill it out, and bring it to the first session. The child can not play unless we have a signed waiver.

When you register successfully, you will be sent directly to PayPal so that you can pay the registration fee.


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