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Definitely Not Goosebowl

Posted by Joel on October 20, 2021

We currently have 5 teams registered for DNG and are hoping for three more teams to make for 8 total (1 in comp and 2 in rec).

To allow for time to sort out a schedule we will be closing registration at 11pm Sunday, Oct. 24. If you have a team please register ASAP.

Also, if you are interested in playing, but don't have a team please use the Contact link to let me know. If there are enough individuals wanting to play we may be able to organize a Hat Team.

More details about the tournament in the post below.

Expiry Date: Monday, October 25, 2021

Pick up - Tuesday, Oct. 12 6:30pm

Tuesday night lights

Posted by Joel on October 10, 2021

Local 613 has a field booked at Caton on Tuesday night that they no longer need, so are offering the use for a pick up game. All are welcome.

Expiry Date: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Definitely Not Goosebowl

Posted by Joel on October 7, 2021

We are definitely not running our traditional Goosebowl tournament this year, but thought it would be great to run a scaled back, one day tournament for Kingston based teams.

When: Saturday, Oct. 30 10am-3pm

Where: Invista Centre and John Machin turf fields

Why: If you've missed running around a field with a crazy costume while chasing after plastic, but don't miss the early Sunday start with typically torrential cold rain, Definitely Not Goosebowl is the perfect tournament for you. We're looking to get 8 Kingston-based, spirited teams out for a one-day Halloween tournament.

We will likely run two tiers (comp/rec) with 4 teams per tier and everyone will get to play 3 games. This will be a 7v7 Co-ed tournament and we will follow the Rule A gender rule.

There will be prizes for the winner of each tier as well as the best team costume.

Note: Due to Covid restrictions, there will be no field food provided and no party associated with this event. Players will beed to be fully vaccinated to play.

How much: $250 team fee

To register please go to
The tournament will be capped at 8 teams.

Expiry Date: Saturday, October 30, 2021

Fall Indoor Co-ed 4v4 league

Posted by Joel on October 5, 2021

This is an adult co-ed 4 v 4 league that will take place on Friday evenings 8-9:30pm from Oct. 22 – Dec. 10, 2021. All games are at the 1000 Island Sportsplex. There will be two 40 minute games each night with a short break between games. The Sportsplex will be enforcing the vaccination mandate so all players will need to provide proof of vaccination to them. The cost of the league will be $80.

The league will be capped at 12 teams. If at capacity we will run 3 tiers of 4 teams with the ability to shift between tiers during the season. Each team will need a minimum of 8 players (4 men / 4 women) with a maximum of 12 players. All games will be played with an even 2:2 gender ratio.

Registration will open Oct. 5 at 11pm. and close Oct. 17 at 11pm. To register sign into your league account or create an account at

You can register as a captain, or if your captain has already registered you can select your team during registration (you do have to be approved by the team captain). If you don't have a team you can register as an individual and captains can recruit you. We will do our best to find everyone a team, but can’t guarantee this (we will refund anyone we can’t place on a team).

Note that if you register as a captain, you will be charged an additional $50 cone deposit—this will be returned to you at the end of the season when you return your cones. You will also be able to select your preference for what tier you want to be in. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but can’t guarantee you’ll start in the tier you request.

- Tier 1: Very competitive (most players have played on touring teams).
- Tier 2: Competitive (some players have played on touring teams and all are experienced players).
- Tier 3/4: Recreational (a mix of experienced and new players, less focus on skill and strategy).

The 4v4 Variation follows the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with the following exceptions:

- Games are played by teams of 4 on the field with a gender ratio of 2/2.
- The playing field size is a rectangle shape measuring 18m x 30m. Endzones are 3m deep.
- Generally three 4v4 fields can be setup in one typical indoor Ultimate field.
- Only 2 pulls every game: at the beginning of the game and after halftime. Each team pulls once.
- Brick mark is set at 2m in front of the endzone line.
- After a point is scored, the disc is left in the endzone at the spot in which it was caught. Play restarts in that same endzone (i.e., no pull after every point). The team that was scored upon checks the disc in play once the defence is ready.
- Maximum 30 second delay between points. Play resumes when either:
-- 30 seconds have elapsed, or
-- Both teams are ready through a check.
- If 25 seconds elapses and the offense has not put the disc in play, then defense warns the offense and counts down from 5, after '1' has been said aloud the defense may begin to count stalls. If 25 seconds have elapsed and the defense is not ready, then the offense warns the defense and begins to count down from 5. After '1' has been said aloud, the offense may put the disc into play.
- Players may only sub on and off the field between points or from an injury timeout.
- 3-minute halftime at the scheduled midpoint of the game.
- Teams switch sides at the half.
- Teams have 1 timeout per half.
- A timeout lasts 60 seconds; a timeout cannot be called in the last 5 minutes of the game.
-- If a timeout is called in the last 5 minutes, a turnover ensues. Before a game begins, the Captains should agree on a time piece if a clock is not easily visible from the playing field.
-- Games will be 40 minutes long. If a team is winning by 2 points or more the game ends at the time cap (don’t finish the point). If the game is tied, finish the point to determine a winner. If one team is up by one point, finish the point. If tied play one more point. No games can end in a tie.

For those wanting to see 4v4 in action check out (play starts at the 3 minute mark)

Expiry Date: Monday, October 18, 2021

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