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Registration Update

Posted by Noah on April 29, 2010

Elixir Registration Date: May 19

Some people who registered early were told that the night to meet your team, pick up your shirt, etc. at the Elixir is May 12. We've pushed this back to May 19 (because we can't get on the fields until the week after the long weekend). So come to the Elixir May 19, not May 12. The season will start May 26.


If you did not accept the waiver during your registration (likely because someone else registered you), you'll get an email shortly with instructions for accepting it. Everyone must have accepted the waiver before they can play, otherwise they are not covered by our insurance policy.

Offline Payment

A few people are unable to pay via PayPal. If you're one of these people: we'll contact you shortly with information about alternate payment options. We'll also ask you to respond to confirm that you are a real person who really wants to play -- anyone who hasn't responded by Tuesday May 4 will be unregistered. People who do respond will be activated so that they can be picked up by teams. We don't necessarily need your payment by May 4, but we need confirmation from you that you do intend to play. This only applies to people who aren't able to pay via PayPal -- people who have paid do not need to confirm their registrations.

Info for Captains

We will be meeting on May 5 to finalize rosters and put together our t-shirt order. Captains, please finish all the roster adjustments you want to make by 7pm Wednesday May 5 -- after that, you will no longer be able to make changes to your roster. We occasionally add players to teams if we think there might not be enough: if your team has fewer than 14 players, but you do not want players added to your team, please let me know at Also, if you have a preference for your shirt colour, please send that to the same address. We can't guarantee that you'll get the colour you request, but we'll do our best. Probably best to send your top 3 colours, because there will likely be duplicates. Be sure to include your team name in any emails you send with these types of requests. Please include "Kingston Ultimate" in the email somewhere as well to help get it through spam filters.


Depending on how many teams we end up with, we may still need a couple of additional fields on Wednesday nights. If you have any leads on good quality fields, preferably (but not necessarily) close to downtown, please let us know. If we aren't able to secure additional fields, there's still a chance that some games will have to be played on Monday nights. We're doing what we can to avoid this, but there's a chance it could happen.

Mailing List / Twitter / Facebook / Website

There will probably be one additional email sent to every email address that we have in the registration database, but after that all communication will be be via the mailing list, the Twitter account, the Facebook page, and the website (they'll all have the same info, so you only need to follow/subscribe to one of them). Please make sure you're getting information from one of these sources so that you can be sure not to miss anything. Links to the list, Twitter, and Facebook are above in the right sidebar.

Expiry Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Pick-up

Posted by Noah on April 12, 2010

From now through the middle of May there will be pickup every Wednesday at 5:30pm and every Sunday at 2:00pm at McCullough Park. If at any time there isn't field-space available at McCullough, try Oakridge Park.

Expiry Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pick-up at McCullough Park Sunday April 11, 2pm

Posted by Noah on April 9, 2010

There will be pick-up at McCullough Park Sunday April 11 at 2pm. Map to McCullough Park.

Expiry Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer League Registration

Posted by Noah on April 6, 2010

Registration for summer league is now open. It will close on Friday April 30.

Information about registration and about summer league in general are available on the registration page. One important note: We are still making field arrangements. If we are unable to arrange for enough fields to play all games on Wednesday nights, there is a chance that some games will be scheduled for Monday nights. We'll let everyone know ASAP if this is the case.

Expiry Date: Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer League 2010

Posted by Noah on March 18, 2010

Summer League will run from mid- to late-May until the end of August. Registration for teams and individuals will open around the first week of April, and will cost approximately $80 per player. To make sure you have the latest information, please use one of the methods in the "Connect" box on the right side of the website.

Expiry Date: Monday, April 5, 2010

Ultimate Coaching Opportunity in India

Posted by Noah on February 23, 2010

Guillaume Palias is an ultimate player and teacher from Toronto who recently spent a month working with an ultimate program in Ahmedabad, India. The program is looking for more coaches to help out, so he asked us to post the following:

Ahmedabad Ultimate (AU) is a local initiative by Indicorps aimed at transforming communities through sport using Ultimate Frisbee's philosophy of "spirit of the game". AU is looking for experienced coaches with a solid Ultimate Frisbee background and a desire to enable change. Primarily, volunteers are needed to assist in the implementation of an intense summer training camp for youth in Ahmedabad, India taking place during the month of May, 2010. We also welcome any longer term assistance, donations and other support.

Ways to get involved:

The staff and volunteers at AU will help organize your stay and will also guide your transition into Indian life (i.e. cultural do's and don'ts, getting around the city, where to eat, etc.). AU is also well connected to other NGOs creating opportunity for you to see other projects at work and open further volunteering channels.

Volunteering with Ahmedabad Ultimate allows you to be more than just a tourist; you become part of a community and take part in meaningful, life-changing work.

For more information, please visit

Expiry Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010

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