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Red vs. Blue, Feb 16

Posted by Noah on February 17, 2005

The February 16 game between Red and Blue ended in a 9-9 tie. However, the system that processes the scores and generates the standings wasn't built to deal with ties (because there aren't supposed to be ties in ultimate).

In order to make the score compatible, I arbitrarily decided to give Blue the victory 10-9. It's pretty unlikely that any team's placement is going to change between now and the semi-finals, so this should have no bearing on the seeding. If things do get close, however, and the outcome of this game becomes relevant in determining the seeds, I'll make sure that the real score is used.

Update: Apparently, Blue and Green tied 11-11 on February 9. This means that Blue's record is actually pretty much right (they have a win and a loss instead of two ties), Green has an extra win where they should have a tie, and Red has a loss where they should have a tie. As I said above, I'll make sure that all of this gets taken into account if it ends up mattering. In the meantime, if Red and Green want to arrange to tie their next game, that would help it all get sorted out.

Expiry Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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