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  1. Jessica Buttery
  2. Kirk Campbell Campbell
  3. Mike Drake
  4. Katie Fizzell
  5. Matt Machina
  6. Candace Marshall
  7. Jean-Paul Martin
  8. Adam Melanson
  9. Shawn Paterson
  10. Ali Ryder
  11. Mackenzie Schroeder
  12. Darren White
  13. Michael Wibberley
  14. Miles Wilson
  15. Debrah Zemanek


Friday January 19th, 20188:00PMBlue vs. RedField #1Blue won 14 to 8
Friday January 26th, 20188:00PMBlue vs. OrangeField #2Blue won 15 to 10
Friday February 2nd, 20188:00PMBlue vs. GreenField #3Green won 10 to 8
Friday February 9th, 20188:00PMBlue vs. BlackField #4
Friday February 16th, 20188:00PMBlue vs. WhiteField #1
Friday February 23rd, 20188:00PMGrey vs. BlueField #2
Friday March 2nd, 20188:00PMBlue vs. YellowField #3

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