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  1. Erica Anderson
  2. Sarah Arrowsmith
  3. Dougal Bale
  4. Paul bandler
  5. Colin Bell
  6. Kendra DeRooy
  7. Katherine Fretz
  8. Tim Gillespie
  9. Ryan Groome
  10. Luke Johnson
  11. Mallory Johnson
  12. Devon Lessey-Searles
  13. Paige McAllister
  14. Steve Paul
  15. Joel Yearsley


Friday January 19th, 20188:00PMYellow vs. BlackField #4Yellow won 17 to 9
Friday January 26th, 20188:00PMBlack vs. GreyField #3Grey won 15 to 6
Friday February 2nd, 20188:00PMRed vs. BlackField #1Red won 15 to 8
Friday February 9th, 20188:00PMBlue vs. BlackField #4
Friday February 16th, 20188:00PMBlack vs. OrangeField #4
Friday February 23rd, 20188:00PMWhite vs. BlackField #4
Friday March 2nd, 20188:00PMGreen vs. BlackField #1

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