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  1. Kate Beckwith
  2. Brooke Belfall
  3. Lindsay Clement
  4. Alaina Leslie
  5. Rachael Melnik-proud
  6. Rachel Siemens
  7. Patty Taylor
  8. Stella Tung
  9. Tiiu Vail
  10. Jennifer Valberg
  11. Tess Wittmann
  12. Debrah Zemanek


Monday May 28th, 20186:30PMStorm vs. PYTField #24 (Canton's Fields 24)Storm won 10 to 6
Monday June 4th, 20186:30PMBanditas vs. PYTField #25 (Canton's Fields 25)Banditas won 12 to 9
Monday June 11th, 20186:30PMThe Amigas vs. PYTField #25 (Canton's Fields 25)PYT won 6 to 5
Monday June 18th, 20186:30PMStorm vs. PYTField #25 (Canton's Fields 25)Storm won 10 to 3

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