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  1. Sarah Arrowsmith
  2. Lindsey Blanchette
  3. Jackie Cappell
  4. Lyndsey Couto
  5. Justine de Leyer
  6. Cassie Dionne
  7. Marla Ferguson
  8. Stephanie Gauvin
  9. Maggie Hulbert
  10. Kerry Lake
  11. Lynne O’Donnell
  12. Jenn Tomasone


Monday May 28th, 20186:30PMStorm vs. PYTField #24 (Canton's Fields 24)Storm won 10 to 6
Monday June 4th, 20186:30PMStorm vs. The AmigasField #24 (Canton's Fields 24)Storm won 7 to 6
Monday June 11th, 20186:30PMStorm vs. BanditasField #24 (Canton's Fields 24)Banditas won 10 to 4
Monday June 18th, 20186:30PMStorm vs. PYTField #25 (Canton's Fields 25)Storm won 10 to 3

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