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Black and Merlot

Team Deep Strike: Indigo


  1. Emily Adams
  2. Curtis Campbell
  3. Jessica Campbell
  4. Kirk Campbell
  5. Isabelle Cote
  6. Stephanie Elms
  7. Anna Geladi
  8. Rian McGrouther
  9. Michael Niven
  10. Benjamin Palmer
  11. Kathleen Perri
  12. Ryan Schenk
  13. Mackenzie Schroeder
  14. Bryson Vesnaver
  15. Seger Vesnaver

Round 1 Schedule

If you think that any of the results below are wrong, please contact your team captain. If you are your team captain, please contact the captain of the other team (you can find his or her email address by logging in to the Captains' Area). Once you've settled on what the score should be, please email it to Whichever captain sends the email, please be sure to CC the other captain, so that we know that you have agreed on the new score.

Wednesday May 23rd, 20185:30PMHammer Time (7) vs. Team Deep StrikeField #24 (Canton's Fields 24)
Wednesday May 30th, 20185:30PMTeam Deep Strike vs. Justdisc League (11)Field #23 (Canton's Fields 23)
Wednesday June 6th, 20185:30PMTeam Deep Strike vs. KILLER Bees (12)Field #31 (West Campus North Turf West)
Wednesday June 13th, 20185:30PMTeam Deep Strike vs. WTF Where's The Frisbee? (10)Field #31 (West Campus North Turf West)
Wednesday June 20th, 20185:30PMTeam Deep Strike vs. Old As Huck (9)Field #24 (Canton's Fields 24)

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