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Black and Merlot

The Flikachus: Daisy


  1. Stephanie Alp
  2. Mike Best
  3. Dan Blair
  4. Craig Bouchard
  5. Katrina Bouchard
  6. Alyssa Byers-Heinlein
  7. Jackie Cappell
  8. alena cawthorne
  9. Kalee De France
  10. Zach Flemming-Giannotti
  11. Kat Fretz
  12. Geoffrey Harrison
  13. Maggie Hulbert
  14. Samuel Kim
  15. Larah Maunder
  16. Valentina Mihajlovic
  17. Sarah Millard
  18. Kayla Mooney
  19. Joshua Moskowitz
  20. David Richardson
  21. Calvin Rubens
  22. Adam Saifer
  23. Vanessa Schell
  24. Dan Tassone
  25. Graham Tattersall
  26. Kelsey Tucker
  27. Zachery Wells

Round 1 Schedule

If you think that any of the results below are wrong, please contact your team captain. If you are your team captain, please contact the captain of the other team (you can find his or her email address by logging in to the Captains' Area). Once you've settled on what the score should be, please email it to Whichever captain sends the email, please be sure to CC the other captain, so that we know that you have agreed on the new score.

Wednesday May 23rd, 20186:55PMSteeldragon (17) vs. The FlikachusField #22 (Canton's Fields 22)Steeldragon won 14 to 8
Wednesday May 30th, 20186:55PMNetflicks and Chilly (16) vs. The FlikachusField #22 (Canton's Fields 22)Netflicks and Chilly won 10 to 6
Wednesday June 6th, 20186:55PMBusiness Casual (14) vs. The FlikachusField #25 (Canton's Fields 25)Business Casual won 13 to 3
Wednesday June 13th, 20186:55PMThe Gong Show (15) vs. The FlikachusField #24 (Canton's Fields 24)Game Cancelled
Wednesday June 20th, 20186:55PMKILLER Bees (13) vs. The FlikachusField #22 (Canton's Fields 22)
Wednesday June 27th, 20186:55PMThe Gong Show (15) vs. The FlikachusField #24 (Canton's Fields 24)

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