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We understand that over the course of the summer you may want to have someone pick up with your team. This could be because you happen to be really short on numbers on a particular day, or perhaps a friend is visiting from out of town. Whatever the reason, a pick up player should be someone who plays infrequently with the team. Below is the formal policy of the league:

  1. A pick up player can play a maximum of 3 regular season games. If they want to continue to play with the team, they must fully register to be on the team's roster.
  2. A pick up player must sign a waiver and can not play without having done so. It is the Captain's responsibility to ensure this is done before the pick up player plays in a game. Click here to register as a pick up player for Kingston Summer Ultimate.
  3. You must notify the opposing captain that you have a Pick Up player.
  4. We ask that you try to pick up newer players to give them more experience. Don't pick up a game-changing ringer as this will skew the game and team balance for everyone.
  5. No pick up players are allowed in the playoff games (doing so will lead to a default).

The following players are eligible to pick up this season:

  1. Albinet, Jon (WTF Where's The Frisbee?)
  2. Allan, Mikie
  3. Barouillet, Cecilia (CAF-K)
  4. Barrette, Valerie (Mighty Hucks)
  5. Belanger, Didier (CAF-K)
  6. Bradlynn, Toban (WTF Where's The Frisbee?)
  7. Buffin, Jake
  8. Chan, Ian (WTF Where's The Frisbee?)
  9. Chen, Dan (Supa Smash)
  10. Clarke, Harry (WTF Where's The Frisbee?)
  11. Culp, Jacob (Justdisc League)
  12. Greenwood, Emily (Turf Burn)
  13. Hopkins, Jo (JUiCE)
  14. Jeffrey, Brian (Mighty Hucks)
  15. Jeronimo, Beth (Team Iceland)
  16. Lake, Kerry (Steeldragon)
  17. Lee, Betty (Turf Burn)
  18. MacLean, Tom (Mighty Hucks)
  19. Nesset, Kirsten (Mighty Hucks)
  20. Renaud, Paul (Dem Apples)
  21. Scott, Melissa (Turf Burn)
  22. Wang, Luyao (CAF-K)
  23. Watungwa, Yolie (WTF Where's The Frisbee?)
  24. Way brackenbury, Claya (WTF Where's The Frisbee?)
  25. Zacks, Josh (The Gong Show)
  26. Zheng, Sunny (CAF-K)


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