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Black and Merlot
  1. A Touch of Grass: Orange (Captain: Scott Valberg)
  2. Big Unit: Gold (Captain: Tom Bush)
  3. Blazing Antelopes: Dark Heather (Captain: Jamie Seaby)
  4. Dream Team Frisbee: Safety Yellow (Captain: Nick Jewitt)
  5. Flicksters: Forest Green (Captain: Chad McClintock)
  6. Hammer Time: Sport Grey (Captain: Ian Budge)
  7. Huck Buddies: Heliconia (Captain: Meghan O'Leary)
  8. JUiCE: Purple (Captain: Savvas Frantzeskos)
  9. Los Grandes Tiburones Blancos: White (Captain: Joel Yearsley)
  10. Mighty Hucks: Kelly Green (Captain: Jeremy Pike)
  11. Motley Crew: Cherry Red (Captain: Michael McCoy)
  12. Supa Smash: Light Blue (Captain: Andrew Dale)
  13. T-Rex Machine Gun Killaz: Daisy (Captain: Brendan Coffey)
  14. Team Deep Strike: Maroon (Captain: Ryan Schenk)
  15. Team Ramrod: Charcoal (Captain: Dana Gowdy)
  16. The Flikachus: Sapphire (Captain: Geoffrey Harrison)
  17. The Given'r Generals: Light Blue (Captain: Alexander Tait)
  18. The Gong Show: Royal Blue (Captain: Liam Karry)
  19. The Mamas and the Papas: Black (Captain: Cheryl Fischer)
  20. The Ultimaniacs: Lime (Captain: Bill Miranda)
  21. USA Ducks: Red (Captain: Pete Galbraith)
  22. ^_^: Navy (Captain: Ben Yeung)


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