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Final Standings for 2013

  1. 3 Girls, 1 Cup (White, Pete Galbraith)
  2. JUiCE (Safety Green, Savvas Frantzeskos)
  3. Big Unit (Light Blue, Tom Bush)
  4. Los Lobos Heilo (Dark Heather, Joel Yearsley)
  5. Team Ramrod (Brown, Ben Kellar)
  6. The Daisies (Daisy, Ted Bailey)
  7. the Mamas & the Papas (Red, Cheryl Fischer)
  8. Pen Island (Light Pink, Caitlin Cerre)
  9. Supa Smash (Orange, Joel Donnelly )
  10. Heavy on The Clutch (Safety Orange, Chris Jarzylo)
  11. Mighty Discs (Forest Green, Misiu Godfrey)
  12. Beta Blockers (Navy Blue, Navid Shobeiri)
  13. The Gong Show (Royal Blue, Liam Kerry)
  14. _____ Sabbath (Black, Murray Macchio)
  15. Disc in a Box (Azalea, Daniel Chen)
  16. Full Disc Closure (Military Green, Michael King)
  17. Revenge of the Nerds (Kelly Green, Jack Wallace)
  18. Danger Zone (Stone Blue, Brian Rasquinha)
  19. Ultimate Grasshoppers (Lime Green, Ben Seewald)
  20. Hat Team (Gold, Eric Fedosejevs)
  21. Too Le'disc' To Quit (Sapphire, Jen Tam)
  22. Mostly Harmless (Purple, James Santary)
  23. Blazing Antelopes (Texas Orange, Jamie Seaby)
  24. Snatch Me If You Can (Maroon, Michael Flowers)
  25. Toilet Bowl Runner-Up (Sand, Iain McCulloch)
  26. Nuclear Penguins (Sport Grey, Dale Campbell)



Games Played: the number of games this team has played to date.
Wins: the number of wins to date.
Losses: the number of losses to date.
Winning Percentage: wins as a fraction of games played (i.e., wins divided by games played).
Points For: total points scored by this team.
Points Against: total points scored against this team.
Plus/Minus Ratio: the number of points scored by this team for each point scored against this team (i.e., points for divided by points against).


Four criteria are used in ranking the teams. The criteria, in order, are:

  1. Overall winning percentage
  2. Head-to-head winning percentage
  3. Head-to-head plus/minus ratio
  4. Overall plus/minus ratio

Teams are ranked by their winning percentage. If any teams are tied at this point (i.e., have the same winning percentage), their head-to-head games are considered, and they are ranked according to their head-to-head winning percentage. If any teams are still tied, they are ranked according to their plus/minus ratio in their head-to-head games. If any teams are still tied, they are ranked according to their overall plus/minus ratio.

Head-to-head statistics only appear in the standings for those teams for which it is relevant (i.e., teams who are tied by winning percentage, and who have faced each other head-to-head).


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