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Purple and Red

Registration is open until 11pm Monday April 27.

If you already registered but were not able to pay using PayPal, please see the pending players page.

Summer league takes place on Wednesday nights at fields near downtown Kingston. Most games are between 5:30 and 8:15pm, though some games are played later Wednesday on lighted fields.

On May 14 at 8pm everyone who has registered should plan to come to The Mansion to receive their shirt and to enjoy a free barbeque. After that, registration may reopen to individuals if there are spots to fill.

Captains can log in and manage their teams from the Captains' Area.

The cost for the season is $80 per player. This includes fifteen games, insurance, and a t-shirt (while supplies last).

Registration also includes membership in Ontario Ultimate. In addition to providing us with affordable insurance, Ontario Ultimate promotes ultimate across the province and has also worked to get its members discounts on things like car rentals, hotels, etc. For details, check out their website at

In order to register, you must accept a waiver and pay online using PayPal — you don't need a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card. In order to make sure that each player accepts the waiver his or herself, we require a unique, valid email address as part of the registration process. Individuals who do not register themselves will receive an email containing instructions for accepting the waiver. Everyone who plays must accept the waiver.

There are three different ways to register:

  1. Register as an Individual: You will have the opportunity to request to play on a specific team, provided that team already exists.
  2. Register as a Group: If you want to play with certain other people, you can register as a group. You must register and pay for everyone in the group now — you can't add or remove people later. (However, once the group is on a team, new people can request to be on that team when they register). You will have the opportunity to request to play on a specific team, provided that team already exists.
  3. Register as a Captain: You can create a new team. By creating the team, you will become the team captain, and will be responsible for managing the team roster, setting up and tearing down fields for some games, etc. (there is more information about the captain's duties on the registration page). Once you've registered as a captain, you can manage your roster through the Captains' Area. Captains will have the $50 cone deposit added to their registration fee; this is a refundable deposit that you provide in exchange for cones, which you will receive at registration night and keep through the summer. At the end of the summer, you can return the cones and your deposit will be returned. If for some reason you stop being a captain between now and registration night, we will refund your $50 then.


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